We are not accepting new members until the end of our hiatus. See the front page for more details.


Joining is easy!  Here are some frequently asked questions:

Women of all ages can join. We have members from 20-80 years old! We are looking for women to help us carry on the Mission of Greater Muskegon Service League.
$40 per year, paid annually in June for Active members.
Yes! Simply go to the Contact us page and send us an e-mail request. Our membership chairperson will contact you with details.
Currently we have about 235 members. Service League is divided into smaller groups who meet regularly for their individual service and charitable projects. Many groups combine their Service League meeting with a fun lunch or evening out. Some groups meet monthly while others meet less frequently, depending on their schedules.

Each individual group also selects a chairperson to be their representative at our monthly board meeting.

The entire Service League group comes together several times each year for the Annual Dinner, the Christmas Tea and the Treasure Sale (one of our largest fundraising events!) We also have 3 quarterly board meetings in addition to the Annual dinner where everyone is invited. We switch off between a donation or a service opportunity.

Each group can decide their own activities – whether to donate towards a specific cause or perform a service activity that directly relates to our Mission.

Examples include: Packing snack bags for Kids Food Basket, Serving a free breakfast once per month at a local church, volunteering at a Catholic Charities organization such as the Baby Pantry or Loaves and Fishes, painting/decorating a room at a local shelter, donating hats, mittens and outwear for schoolchildren, etc.

How do I join?

There are two ways you can join the Greater Muskegon Service League:

  1. Join on your own. Once you’ve joined, our Membership Chairperson will find just the right individual group for you.
  2. Gather some friends together and join as a group! Our Membership Chairperson will work with you to set up a new group.

To get started, simply submit the form on this page and someone will be in contact with you shortly!

Some Organizations that We Support

Here is just a sampling of the organizations that have been supported by Greater Muskegon Service League through grants and individual group activities.  There are many more that are also supported that align with our mission.