History of Granting for GMSL

Pathfinders – After School Program $2,500
Tanglewood – Technology Fair $500
Bethany housing – Youth Rehab Homes $5,000
1st Congregational – Saturday Breakfast $500
Kid’s Food Basket $5,000
Lakeshore Museum Center – From Furs to Fire $1,500
Read Muskegon $3,000
Family Promise – Play Equipment $1,000
Crop Walk $1,000
Women and Children Fund $15,850
Total $35,850
Big Brothers Big Sisters $3,000
Muskegon Rescue Mission $500
Christ’s Cupboard Food $1,000
Boy Scouts $1,500
Mission for Area People $2,500
Catholic Charities: God’s Kitchen $500
Loaves and Fishes $500
Family Preservation Book $500
Muskegon Habitat $2,000
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church $600
Lakeshore Museum Center $1,500
Read Muskegon $2,500
United Way Room Usage $500
Women and Children Fund $12,500
Total $29,600
Ferry Memorial Ref. Church $1,000
Mission for Area People $2,500
Muskegon Volunteer Dental $2,000
WM Symphony Children Choir $1,000
Kids Food Basket $5,000
Muskegon Co-op Churches $2,000
Read Muskegon $300
Catholic Charities: God’s Kitchen $1,000
Catholic Charities: Loaves and Fishes $1,000
Catholic Charities: Baby Pantry $1,000
Safe Kids West Michigan $685
Muskegon Rescue Mission $250
Kids Power of Produce $500
Pioneer Resources $2,125
Saturday Morning Breakfast $1,000
Women and Children Fund $15,000
Total $36,360

Women and Children’s Fund at the Muskegon Community Foundation

The Women & Children’s Fund was established in 1998 by Greater Muskegon Service League for an ongoing legacy to give back to our community, granting funds twice a year (March and September), to non-profit organizations by an elected board serving the Women & Children’s Fund.Donations will help fund programs that meet the needs of women and children in our community. The Fund has grown to over $350,000 and continues to grow every day!